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Reference-and-Education Teach the kids Meet the Parents We’ve all been there as driving instructors. You turn up on time to pick up a new pupil and out comes a parent with a million questions about how you do your job and how much you know. It can be a pressure situation and feel like a put down unless you handle it properly and show your professionalism. Sometimes they ask what check test grade you are even though they have no real understanding of what a check test grade means. Some will ask what your pass rate is even though pass rates are largely dependent on the ability of the individual pupil and other factors such as nerves and personal issues beyond your control. Some will start to question lesson prices telling you how much they paid for a lesson twenty or more years ago and be reluctant to accept any terms and conditions of business. As parents are probably paying for the lessons these issues need to be dealt with. It can all feel like an interrogation and make you ill at ease with your pupil but if you remain calm the situation can be turned to your advantage. The main thing we have to do as driving instructors is to get parents on our side and convince them that we have the best interests of their children at heart. Start by explaining to the parents that the driving test is much harder than it was when they did it and much more driver training is required to reach the standard. Terms and conditions are there to protect the pupil as much as the instructor so printing these out to be signed by parents makes you look professional and sure of your business. I compare the price of a driving lesson to how much you would pay for a taxi ride that lasted an hour and this always seems to get the message home that driving lessons are good value for money. Sometimes I will invite a parent to sit in the back of the car during a driving lesson. This gives them a chance to see first hand how difficult it can be to teach on the busy modern road. The pupil gets used to having the extra weight of a third passenger and also to being watched so this can really help with nerves on test day, which may improve your pass rate. Parents can be a powerful ally and an important part of your future business growth if you bring them on side. Recommendations by word of mouth to other parents can bring in much needed referrals as their opinions really carry weight. Testimonials on internet sites from parents are viewed as trustworthy by people looking for an instructor. If a pupil has siblings you can guarantee they will be coming to you in the future if their parents are paying for lessons and they already approve of you. So be nice to parents and parents may be nice to you! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: