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Business A recently conducted survey on buying and investment patterns of business organizations and residents, showed a tremendous increase in their budget allocations for security systems and security products. This is a true indication of how important the security of business assets and residential premises is considered by both businesses and residents. After a series of terrorist attacks in the USA and many other countries, the awareness about anti terror and security measures has increased considerably in many parts of the world. Many business organizations have entered into contracts with security consultant companies or an individual security consultant for designing and implementing security systems for their business assets. The security industry is witnessing heightened activity and security firms have been receiving enquiries about security products like never before. It is therefore worth discussing the Top 5 Security Products which provide foolproof security to business and residential premises and other assets. One of the most important features every security savvy business buyer looks out foris the access control mechanism. Top 5 Security Products UK & Security Safety Products #1: External Access Control Systems Any professional security expert will advise you that top quality access control systems provide your first main line of security defence. The highest percentage of all security problems can be overcome by implementing robust access control systems. Access control systems such as AIPHONE and Bell systems with vandal resistant panels provide this feature and serve as a first level entry restriction and authorization mechanism. Top 5 Security Products UK & Security Safety Products #2: Internal Access Control Systems Ask a security expert where the most likely threat to your business will come from, and he or she will inform you it will most likely come from one or more of your employees who have unlimited internal access to your business and business data systems. Accidental data losses and malicious data theft represent just two of the major threats businesses are facing. Robust Internal access control systems are key to minimising your internal security risk. Paxton access systems provide state of the art, but affordable internal access control systems products. Top 5 Security Products UK & Security Safety Products #3 : CCTV Systems CCTV systems are the next in line, as surveillance within business premises is considered extremely important. The provision of CCTV systems is considered by many a security consultant to one of the fastest growth areas of the security systems sector. A well known security expert recently reported that as the security industry has matured and maintained its firm footing in the global top ten list of industry growth sectors all major studies clearly list insider employees as the greatest threat facing all types and size of businesses. Theft of company data, financial fraud, theft of goods and products, malicious product tampering and bullying and harassment of staff are all on the increase. CCTV systems offer businesses the opportunity to minimise their security risk. Security companies like Pelco are recognised as industry leaders in the provision of overt and covert CCTV systems. Top 5 Security Products UK & Security Safety Products #4: Safes The provision of top quality safes is generally a favourite topic for every security expert. A security expert might refer to it as data loss prevention, content monitoring and filtering, employee activity monitoring, counter-corruption, and insider trading or fraud detection. A lot of this type of employee theft and fraud is only brought to the general public’s awareness when a high profile incident affects a business and it is reported via the media or TV. One of the main priorities for any business owner or director is to ensure all data is backed up and secured. By this I mean both on site and offsite. Every piece of confidential company documentation should be housed in a document or data safe and access to the safe should be restricted to suitably cleared personnel. Most business safes are rated for water and fire proofing and Insurance rated for cah and/or valuables. Top 5 Security Products UK & Security Safety Products #5: Smoke Alarms I am hearing many a security expert recommending businesses to increase the number of smoke detectors in their business premises, and also to increase the quality of the smoke detectors. Changes in the corporate manslaughter laws for company directors is part of the reason for this drive. If you own business premises which house your workforce and staff members’, then one of the single most security features to be irregularly checked are the smoke detectors. I have personally witnessed several business offices where staff members have removed the batteries from existing smoke detectors because they were faulty and continuously emitted an annoying intermittent alarm warning. If a fire occurs in a building like this and people are injured or killed, then you as the business owner or director would be liable under the current law. If it is proven you were negligent in failing to maintain your smoke detectors your insurance company may also refuse to pay out for any resulting claims. It is quite evident that security systems occupy top slots on the shopping and investment lists of business organizations and home owners. It is also necessary that buyers of security equipment become educated about different security systems and their features and select the most appropriate equipment which suits their need. This top 5 security products UK & security safety products is a good first step in the education process. Buyers may also seek the support of a security expert or a security consultant to analyze their unique security requirements and to devise the correct security strategy for their needs. Copyright (c) 2009 Dr Mark Yates About the Author: Dr. Mark D. Yates is The British American Security Expert he has 20 years experience delivering his security expertise to numerous governments, Intelligence security agencies & businesses worldwide. He specialises in the provision of close protection bodyguard services, personal protection, self defence & bodyguard training. Sign up for his FREE 52 security tips then visit him at => e-mail him at [email protected] Article Published On: – Business 相关的主题文章: