Changchun Railway Station spring is the most beautiful message plastered wall on New Year’s expectat 吴昕谈网络暴力 废弃医院引探秘者

Changchun Railway Station spring is "the most beautiful message plastered wall" on New Year’s expectations

Changchun Railway Station New Year blockbuster

This time of year

station are called a "blockbuster", because of all the passengers are eager streams of people busily coming and going home, ready to bring the children back home to a home, had just finished the last of the college students, there are early for fear of missing the train station by the working group.

three years ago to Changchun the work of Song Dapeng, 23 years old this year, he said, "every year almost all have to get back home during the Spring Festival in Jiangxi Anyi new year, but happy is that in 2016 the government poverty alleviation, which have their own home, home now built better and better, hurry back home to see changes. To save a year of hard money hand in the hands of the parents, after a year of looking forward to this day, Chinese New Year that the two old people happy." Chinese, Jilin network reporter learned that Zick APP, Song Dapeng is to sit more than and 20 hours by train to Nanchang, and then go home by bus from Nanchang, however, such a long journey and going home is not what a joy.

50 year old local people Ms. Zou, had just finished production in order to take care of not confinement to the daughter of a man with three big train to Beijing northeast specialty. "This is the first time I went to see grandson, daughter still in confinement period, the new year is not convenient to go home, now young people will not take care of themselves, this does not bring home products to give her daughter her body. Very excited, want to hug a big grandson."

last year school freshman Chen Tongxue told reporters, "last week was the exam can go home, because part-time help people make up. This year’s training to become more independent, can also use their own money to give parents buy a new year gift, the University before never thought their parents hard, independent life after realizing parents’ work is not easy, want to reassure them, let them feel happy for my growth.

China Jilin Ji Ji APP reporter Cui Jia