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Self-Improvement Many people dread birthdays or New Years Eve because theyre confronted with being another year older. In actuality getting older isnt the main source of our dread, but the fact that were not able to achieve our goals. While most of the year were distracted by other things, these particular yearly milestones turn our awareness to where we are versus where wed like to be. Whether its being healthier, richer or achieving some form or personal merit in work or in your community. By making some decisions, setting some achievable goals and sticking at it, we can reverse the trend and start making forward progress again; heres how. Focus Whether you want to get a promotion at work, lose some weight or travel to an exotic location, the first step is to clearly define what it is you want. Quiet your inner skeptic and focus on what you really want rather than what you think you can have. Stay positive and ask yourself How can I rather than Why cant I questions. Write down what you want and stay focused on it. Dont be afraid to share your goals with others, often times other people will hold the missing piece that youre looking for to make something happen. Its said that fuzzy goals produce fuzzy results so make sure youre as specific as possible. Start big and then break it down to small and realistic tasks that you can complete daily or weekly. Completing each task will move you toward your goal a little at a time and build your confidence. Continuous Learning Most of the problems we encounter are easily solved if you know what to do or where to find the answer. Its a big planet and chances are someone has had the same problem as you and figured out a way to solve it. By choosing to learn more about whatever your personal or career interests lie, youll add knowledge that you can use in many ways to enhance your life. If youre looking to move ahead at work, enroll in management or software courses. Many employers will cover the cost of additional training if its related to your job and may be impressed that you choose to expand your horizons. Learning doesnt mean you have to be stuck in a classroom, distance education, webinars or even conducting interviews with people that are doing what you want to do are ways to increase your knowledge. The more you learn, the more awareness you gain on the many options available to you to achieve whatever it is you want. Time Management Managing your time is crucial for achieving goals. If you feel there is not enough time to do what you need, evaluate where youre spending the bulk of your time and adjust accordingly. Unplugging your TV is a good way to find a few hours (or more for many people) a week that you can direct towards your goals. Also, consider learning while you work or travel by listening to audio books rather than music. Prioritize and manage your day based on whats important rather than whats urgent and youll end up making real progress sooner than you think. Get out of your Comfort Zone Too often we gravitate towards the familiar in order to avoid undue stress or discomfort. The problem with this tendency is that we end up limiting our personal development. Try taking on added responsibility or a public speaking opportunity, these are great ways to gently force you to develop in new ways. You may learn a new skill set or discover a latent talent and even enjoy yourself in the process. Balance While its true that you need to keep your eyes on the prize to make progress, you also need to spend time with family and friends. Burning out and losing your friends or marriage due to neglect will only confront you with more obstacles towards your goals. Its better to devote 5 hours a week for a year than 20 hours for one month and give up. Consistency helps to build habits that will become automatic and integrate well with the rest of your life. Small changes add up dramatically over time, so theres no need to rush it. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: