2016 provinces and universities ranked first class list of Beijing tyrants sexhu

2016 ranking of universities and colleges in Beijing, the top ranking of the world’s list of scholars! The college entrance examination plan to grab votes in the summit summit click on the application of college entrance examination Planning Award survey: take dad mom into the buddies in the reform era entrance Consultant: transition or eliminated Industry Summit process college entrance examination since the discipline competition requirements summary three candidates to recruit from the elite counter attack at test for what professional school admission points ranking a key recommendation of the institutions of professional education Sina News on October 31, 2016, Ai Ruishen China alumni network officially released the "discipline evaluation report" 2016 China University report released the latest 2016 China university discipline list, 2016 China university rankings and 2016 first-class disciplines China University ESI global top 1% ranking list and other disciplines. The report shows that China university comprehensive teaching power and discipline competitiveness steadily rising, there are 27 subjects in the world first-class disciplines, 50 disciplines in the world first-class disciplines, among the 2016 disciplines by China queue. The city of Beijing has won 2016 of 49 subjects China by subject, the 17 disciplines of world-class disciplines, ranks first in all regions of the country. Various provinces and universities in the first class of detailed information, please click the link below to view. North China: Beijing Tianjin Shanxi Hebei Inner Mongolia Liaoning Jilin Heilongjiang northeast region: East China: Shanghai Jiangsu Zhejiang Anhui Fujian Jiangxi Shandong Hubei Hunan Guangdong Henan South Africa Guangxi Hainan Chongqing Sichuan Yunnan Guizhou southwest area: Tibet Shaanxi Qinghai Gansu Ningxia: Northwest Xinjiang more college entrance examination guide, such as institutional overview, professional inventory and other premium content please pay attention to the college entrance examination, Sina official public number entrance parents circle "(sinagkjzq) see. There are three provinces and cities with the parents to share exchanges yo! Scan code or long according to the identification can be concerned about the college entrance examination circle of parents, high school parents do not miss yo! In the latest ranking list of first-class disciplines 2016 Chinese regional universities, the 40 disciplines in Colleges and universities in Beijing won the 2016 Chinese by subject, the 17 disciplines of world-class disciplines, more than five stars and 277 disciplines, the top rankings ranked 2016 first-class disciplines in various regions of Chinese university. 6, by Shanghai City, 117 more than five stars in second subjects, 5 subjects in Hubei province; by 83, more than 5 stars out of third subjects; 4 by discipline, Jiangsu province ranks fourth; Hunan province has 2 by 55 subjects, 5 star above disciplines, fifth; Tianjin city there are 2 subjects by 43, more than 5 stars in sixth disciplines, 2 disciplines of Heilongjiang Province, by 32, more than 5 star disciplines, seventh; Sichuan province has 2 subjects by 46, more than 5 stars, ranking eighth; Shaanxi Province, there are 1 subjects by 57, more than 5 stars discipline, ninth; Zhejiang province has 1 subjects by 50, more than 5 stars in the tenth disciplines. Regrettably, Inner Mongolia;相关的主题文章: