2 Anderson three minutes in a 4 Cappella dunk – the most eye-catching sports Sohu-puritans pride

2 Anderson three minutes in a 4 Cappella dunk the most eye-catching sports Sohu – > > data record survey shot point hot friends Beijing time on October 27, 2016, the Rockets ushered in the new season opener on the road, they challenge the Lakers, and added Nene and Anderson is clearly one of the attraction of new rockets in this game, Nene scored 7 points and 3 rebounds and 3 assists, Anderson scored 14 points and 6 rebounds, the Rockets finally lost 114-120 to the lakers. Anderson may be inside the projection of the league’s best, but in today’s opening Anderson will show up a soft touch, to hit three points scored the first points of the season with the Rockets, then hit the CIC, very good. But in addition to shooting, Anderson is not strong in the inside of the confrontation, and Nene on the defensive end power seems to be difficult to curb the Randall, but Cappella, after playing the good performance. In the first section of the last 2 minutes, Cappella was continuous and harden through three consecutive roll with completed empty dunks attack, two of which are in motion in the war. In section second, or Cappella inside both ends rather hard, do not give the opponent over mobile phone, second 9 minutes Cappella broke straight opponent has finished 2+1 layup. Nene has always been a creative movement inside, but today until the second quarter of 4 minutes only, Nene had a brainwave, he steals a dragon after dribbling, a guard type behind the one hand pass assists Ariza layup, the Rockets hope Nene do. The third section inside the Nene feint, Daniels on the line after the break, the ball also assists Nene cover, Nene best tips. But defensive ability, does not have the ability to make up for the Nene Howard vacancy. Anderson in the three quarter with 10 points and 4 rebounds, the real tactical value lies in 2 of his three pointers, the Rockets need Anderson roll projection to manufacturing space, which is why harden three assists refresh record one of the reasons, because the Rockets now sense of space a lot better than last season. Until the fourth quarter of the more than 7 minutes, Anderson had a breakthrough score inside, and this breakthrough is critical, because the Lakers have been over the counter at the time of 3 points. The final 1 minutes and 31 seconds of silence, a Nene hit a key board of CIC, helped the Rockets to 2 points. Good luck but also so far, the Rockets in the subsequent attack repeatedly blocked, almost no mobile phone Nene, Anderson did not hit the ball, the Rockets finally end by the Lakers reversed, lost the opening game of the season! (Han Shao)相关的主题文章: