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Business Guernsey breed is widely used cattle in dairy farming. Guernsey Cows are fawn in colour and have white markings on them. From such a long time, Guernsey Cows are widely used for milking purpose. This breed in among the world’s leading specialist dairy breeds. These cows are known for their rich flavored milk, hardiness and docile disposition. They are the producer of healthy golden coloured milk that is rich in protein and butterfat. Dairy industry is benefitting a lot from Guernsey Cows. Advantages Of Guernsey Cows Guernsey Cows have become very popular all over the world when it comes to dairy farming. Dairy farmers from all over the world are doing cattle farming and Guernsey is the most widely demanded breed. Guernsey Cows are benefitting dairy farming companies in Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Read further to know the benefits of Guernsey Cows. Efficiency: Guernsey Cows are known for their efficiency. They speedily convert feed into milk products. A medium sized Guernsey Cow needs led feed, but covert that into large amount of protein and butterfat. Adaptability: When it comes to adaptability, Guernsey Cows are the best. They can adjust in any climate. Their performance is good in southern, northern, hot and cold climates. Their coat boosts their heat tolerance and reduces stress from heat. Thus, they can maintain high productions levels in hot climate easily. Guernsey Cows are suitable for both- housed and grazing situations. Apart from these, Guernsey Cows are also popular because of Ease of Calving, Early Maturity & Fertility, Longevity, giving High Milk Quality, etc. Are you in search of the healthiest Guernsey Cows for cattle farming? If yes, then Henry Domestic Animals & livestock Farming (HDAL) is the one stop destination for you. Based in Cameroon, this ISO 9001:2000 Certified Company is a prominent Exporter and Supplier of Livestock Farming Products, Poultry Products and Machines. Companys offerings include Animal Hides Wholesale, Cattles, Automatic Egg Collection System, Dairy & Meat Goats, Animal Hides, Cow Milk, Hen, and many more. If you want to know about the company and its offerings in detail, then just log onto its website www.hdalfarminggroup.com. About the Author: Henry Domestic Animals & livestock Farming (HDAL) – One of the market leader in the exporting & supplying of a wide range of livestock farming products, poultry products & machines that includes lambskin leather hides, goat leather hides, dairy goat products, eggs hatching machine, lamb hides, cow hides, ayreshire cattle and much more. Please Visit:- ..hdalfarminggroup.. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: