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College-University With an increase in the number of tourists, the hotel management is an industry that has witnessed a steep rise, and is expected to show steady growth and progress in the years to come. A hotel or suite is usually managed and administered by a team of professionals who have a background (more specifically, a degree or diploma) in Hotel management. Being a hotel management graduates you need to be focused and friendly. Hotels have become imperative to modern living. The hotel management industry always looked on skilled professionals, so brush up your skills A key dimension of the modern economy is earned from the dividends acquired in the hospitality and tourism industry of a country. The rapid growth in the tourism sector from round the world has brought a range of employment opportunities in this sphere. Since accommodation is one of the major necessities of the tourism industry, hotel management can act as a beautiful career option for you as it awaits you with a galore of opportunities. According to a very recent global survey, about more and more million of employment opportunities are up for grabs in the hotel sector. Before venturing into the field of hotel management, the first requirement for any individual is to have a 10+ 2 degree from any reputed college with a proper educational accreditation. There are many esteemed institutions in India and abroad which offers hotel management courses and should obviously find out the scope of placement before enrolling anywhere for admission. There are certain pre- requisites which the industry demands from candidates and one should be able to adjust suitably to perform on a consistent basis. The hotel and tourism industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India .The candidates need to have a good level of communication skill and the ability to interact with people at ease. An outgoing personality obviously helps to develop the level of interaction that comes to the hotels from varied backgrounds and professions. A soft organizational ability with proper knowledge of administration and co-ordination can also act as one of the additional advantages. A level headed approach and temperament blended with a pleasing personality is the perfect necessity for a career in hotel management. Hotel management is also quite a diverse career as far as the field or department you are working for is concerned. There are various departments in a hotel which performs a varied range of operation modules and you need to specialize in any one to land up with a lucrative job offer. A hotel management course usually lasts for a period of three years and after its completion, the candidate stands ready and groomed to become a manager. The students are imparted both theoretical and practical training which helps them to comprehend the real requirements once they enter the job market. There are various national and international hotel chains which visits the campus of leading institutes and pick up meritorious students. You can work in various sections like front office, sales and marketing, food and beverage, housekeeping and also corporate communication to name a few. The scope for growth in all departments is equal and do expect a good pay packet with experience. so take a drive of career with hotel management and swell as a winner. On the contrary to the popular belief, the scope of hotel management is vast. Hotel management is an industry that requires immense manpower. Confident, disciplined, skilled, and well trained hotel management graduates can find ample opportunity in the industry. As there are several departments that constitute to the upkeep and the maintenance of a hotel or a chain of hotels, ranging from Food and beverage, housekeeping, accounting, marketing, recreation, computer applications, security, public relations to a lot more. A diploma/degree in hotel management can fetch you a job in either of the sectors as an accounts manager, restaurant and food/beverage service managers, executive housekeepers, and department heads, marketing and general managers. With the explosion of the tourism industry, there has been a drastic increase in the number of hotels and resorts in India, hotel management courses are gaining increasing importance. Interesting and rewarding, a career in hotel management is definitely an intelligent choice, taking the present day context into consideration. Being a service oriented industry, having the right attitude and an approachable behavior is imperative in order to pursue a career in Hotel management. There are several universities across the country that offer hotel management courses both in the undergraduate as well as post graduate level. Since most people come to a hotel to have an amazing time, degree holders in hotel management should focus on customer About the Author: 相关的主题文章: