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Outdoors The Hajj starts at Miqat. Here, the man must put on something same to all. Why? Since one’s clothing covers the individual and in addition his character. As it were, an individual doesn’t wear garments, yet rather, the garments cover him! Garments symbolize preference, status, design and qualification. They make superficial "borders" which cause "division" between individuals. As a rule, "separation" between individuals, conceives "discrimination". Moreover the idea of "I" not "we" rises! "I" is utilized as a part of the setting of my race, my class, my family, my gathering, my position, my family, my qualities, and not "I" as an individual. Such a variety of "borders" have been made in our lives, which distributed the Adam’s family and humanity’s solidarity into numerous parts and groups. What came about was the ac.panying connections: Master and servant, oppressor and oppressed, exploiter and misused, solid and powerless, rich and poor, sustained and malnourished, regarded and shamed, content and miserable, honorable person and lay person, cultivated and savage, Eastern and Western, Arab and Ajam and so on. Mankind is partitioned into races, countries, classes, subclasses, gatherings, and families. Every one has its own unique status and values, names and respects. Apparently take off your garments. Abandon them at Miqat. Wear the Kafan (Ahram) which .prises of plain white material. You will be dressed like other people. See the consistency appears! Be a part joining the mass; enter the sea, as a drop. Not to feel proud, as you are not here to see some individual, however be humble most. You are going to meet Allah. Be the person who understands his mortality or a mortal who feels his presence. At Miqat, paying little respect to your race or tribe, you must doff all the spreads you wore on your day by day life as: what was symbolizing furiousness and mistreatment, trickery, trickiness and bondage. Leave all these in Miqat and accept your unique shape as a "man" – only one "Adam" as you will be toward the end, as one "dead". Wrapping yourself in two pieces of cloth. One covers your shoulders and alternately goes around your waist. No special style or material is utilized. It is made of plain and straightforward fabric. Everybody is wearing the same outfit (Ahram). No qualifications in appearance are visible. The caravans from everywhere throughout the world which are venturing out to Hajj will assemble at Miqat. They will meet in the meantime and at the same spot. On his way towards Allah, man is "to be" but he is "to be.e" what he should be! As said in the holy Qur’an 24:42: What’s more un to Allah is the traveling. In another place it is said: Everything will die spare His face. Qur’an 28:88 Hajj is also a developer. Man chooses to return to Allah. The greater part of his personalities and childish propensities are covered at Miqat (Zu-Halifa). He witnesses his own particular dead body and visits his own grave. Man is helped to remember the last and ultimate goal of his life. He encounters passing at Miqat and revival after which he must proceed with his ultimate goal in the desert in the middle of Miqat and Miad. The scene is similar to the Day of Judgment. From one skyline to the next, a "flood of whites" shows up. All the individuals are covering them in the Kafan. Nobody can be perceived. The bodies were left in Miqat and the souls are inspired here. Names, races, nor societal position has any kind of effect in this awesome blend. A climate of bona fide solidarity predominates. It is a human show of Allah’s solidarity. Here, one is all and all is one! Everybody is equivalent. The general public of polytheism is changed over into one of monotheism or Tawhid. This is the Umma or the general public which is onto the right way. It ought to be a general public which is immaculate, dynamic and drove by Islamic initiative (Imamate). Everybody performing Hajj has dismissed from himself to face Allah. He has been blessed with the soul of Allah. You have gone from an outcast to the great beyond. You have been presented to indisputable the truths. You have over.e lack of awareness and persecution and have been edified by cognizance and equity. You have rejected polytheism and received monotheism. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: