The Fascinating History Of Card Games . The Legends Continue!-残清1864

Games Who has not .e across a deck of cards? Even if you are not a card game player, it is very likely you would have seen at least one deck in your lifetime. Cards have been part of our lives; as children we used to play games like memory, donkey plus among other inventive and amusing games. As children we would also spend a lot of time speculating on the fascinating designs on the cards. However as adults we seem to be taking the deck of cards that provide us with so much entertainment for granted. We never take the time to ponder over why cards are designed the way they are, though we do take a lot of delight in playing our favorite games like rummy. The game of Indian rummy is very popular and is played all over the country. Each place has a few variations in the game of 13 cards rummy which can make it fascinating. A lot of attempts have been made to trace the roots of rummy, especially since the game has moved on to the Internet. The game of rummy in its various fascinating avatars is rumored to have roots all over the globe. However though even if we are really curious about the origin and history of the playing cards, we do not have many facts about these. Here are a few of the stories or legends that have been traced back to the origin of cards: Playing cards are known to have been first created in China in the 9th century. This has also been known to coincide with the use of paper as a medium for writing. In those days, cards were handmade and the symbols and numbers were painstakingly drawn on the cards. By the 11th century playing cards and some of the games associated with it had spread throughout the Asian continent. The beginning of the 14th century saw cards popular all over Europe. The rumor is it was first was seen in Egypt. As the cards traveled over countries and continents the designs on them changed. It is said that initially there were more suits of cards than the four suits that we have now. There were as much 5-6 suits. Even now some of these decks with more suits are used in certain countries to play different variants of the game Modern cards have been designed to have their number of diagonally opposite ends, so that when they are fanned in the hands of players they can easily view the number on their cards without having to rearrange the cards again and again. The .mon belief that people have is that playing cards are simply a series of numbers, pictures with different symbols on them to identify the card easily. This is also true, however the reason behind the particular hierarchy that is followed in cards has had a lot of thought and care behind them to .e up with the particular order. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: