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UnCategorized Charlotte, NC, pool contractors are leading the charge to draw attention to swimming pool safety by helping pool owners be.e .pliant with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act by installing non-entrapment drains. What is the Virginia Graeme Baker Act? Signed into law in December of 2007, the Virginia Graeme Baker Pool and Spa Safety Act was drawn up in response to the death of a young girl, Virginia Graeme Baker, or Graeme as she was known to her friends and family. In 2002, seven-year-old Graeme became caught by the powerful suction of a faulty hot tub drain and was trapped underneath the water. It took two men to free this young girl, an experienced swimmer since the age of three years old, but she unfortunately drown before they could release her from the drain. Virginia Graeme Baker’s parents, Nancy and James Baker IV, son of former Secretary of State James Baker III, turned their tragedy into an opportunity to tirelessly promote swimming pool and spa safety, resulting in the passage of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act in 2007. The act requires all residential and .mercial pools to be fitted or retrofitted with non-entrapment pool drains. Pool builders in Charlotte, NC are experienced in retrofitting pools and spas with these safe and effective drains that are in .pliance with the 2007 Act. Why should I retrofit my pool drain? Charlotte residents may not be aware that their pool drains are not in .pliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, but that doesn’t excuse them from not retrofitting their pool drains. In fact, anyone, not only a young girl like Graeme, can be pulled underneath the water by the force of a faulty swimming pool drain, and possibly suffer serious injury or even drown. If you do not know whether or not your swimming pool is in .pliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, call the professional pool contractors today and ask them to .e out and inspect your swimming pool drain. If you are found to not be in .pliance with the act, then a new swimming pool drain that meets the requirements of the Virginia Graeme Baker Act can easily be installed to help you keep your friends and family safe while enjoying their summer swimming in your pool. No matter how well you or your children swim, swimming pools can be hazardous places, and safety should be priority number one when it .es to your summer pool plans. Pool contractors are ready to help your pool remain the place of good memories, but they can only help if you call and ask. If you are unsure whether or not your pool drains are in .pliance with the Virginia Graeme Baker Act, the professional pool builders can take a look at your swimming pool. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: