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Advertising A business card is a 2 x 3.5 card that contains a persons contact information including the business name and address. Purchasing a business card is cheap when .pared to other forms of advertising and that is what business cards do, advertise. A premium business card is the same size as a regular business card but with additional options included on the card. For instance, a regular card may contain the .pany name, address, business mans name, telephone number, fax number, cell phone number, email address and website address all in black un-raised print on a 10 point to 12 point thickness, white card. A premium business card will have the same information but with additional options such as embossed print, color background, persons picture, UV coating, full bleed printing and a thickness of 15 points to 16 points. Which would you choose to represent your .pany and yourself as a reputable business man? The chances that you would choose the premium business card are greater than you choosing the simple unadorned business card. This is because business cards are a marketing tool and is one of the cheapest forms of advertising available to a .pany. Choosing a premium business card means that you are properly representing your .pany and its abilities to please your customers. Premium business cards can be colorful, decorated advertising for your .pany and you. We live in a colorful society and color is desirable to many people. Color reaches out and is easily remembered when a name or .pany may not be. For instance a red plus sign is an indication of a medical facility. When people see a red plus sign that is what they think of, not a name or a .pany but what it is associated with. Some business men are opting for a double sided business card. This is also considered a premium business card given the fact that many of them have only one side with information. A double sided premium business card gives you ample opportunity to get your image out to the recipients. Whether you are handing them out to current clients, potential clients or mere acquaintances a colorful, double sided, premium business card speaks volumes. In some instances, businesses will opt for a futuristic business card made from PVC or vinyl. This is not an economic decision to make as 1 in 5 business cards are discarded within 24 hours after receiving them. This means that after handing out 100 business cards, 20 have been discarded before the recipient ever looked at it. If you pay a premium price for one of these futuristic cards, you are simply throwing away money. A premium paper business card is much more economical in todays business. Plus the coating of UV that is added to the premium business card makes them durable, brighter in color and more desirable by the recipients. If you have your choice of purchasing a plain business card on thin white paper, a plastic or vinyl card that may be tossed or a colorful, premium business card, choose the premium business card for economical reasons. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: