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Weight-Loss Ingredients at a Glance The Active 8 weight loss program utilizes several different products. These products rely on various ingredients including garcinia cambogia, green tea, guarana, white kidney bean extract, and protein. Ingredients in Focus Garcinia cambogia fruit is a source of the substance hydroxycitric-acid (HCA). HCA may promote fat reduction to a certain degree but some researchers have expressed concern regarding the substances potential to pose certain health complications among animals tested in clinical studies. Green tea is a source of antioxidants but its only ties to weight loss might be via its caffeine content. Caffeine is also the active compound in guarana. While caffeine may increase fat burning potential it is also a stimulant that can often cause negative side effects among users. It is a substance which should be avoided by people who utilize certain pharmaceuticals and by pregnant or lactating mothers. White kidney bean extract, a source of the compound known as phaseolamin, has been shown to decrease the production of the enzyme alpha-amylase. Because alpha-amylase is what the body uses to break down starches, phaseolamin seems to decrease the absorption of carbohydrates and subsequently reduce fat uptake. The protein shakes offered by Active 8 seem to follow the line of thinking that values high-protein, low-carb nutrition plans for improving weight loss results. This approach is widely debated. Positives -May increase fat burning/reduction -Contains some antioxidants -Satisfaction guarantee Negatives -Relies on many different products -Utilizes caffeine -Does not offer proven appetite suppressants -Free trial not offered Final Thoughts Dieters who are looking for a worthwhile weight loss supplement often want to find a way to obtain the necessary benefits in one potent product. Active 8 asks consumers to take four or five products to promote improved results. In reality, even with this wide range of products Active 8 fails to conclusively address the two most essential benefits: increased fat burning potential and appetite suppression. As such, dieters may want to find a single product which contains only the ingredients necessary for providing such assistance. This type of product, as a compliment to daily exercise regimens and healthy eating habits, should prove worthwhile in the pursuit of maximized weight loss results. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: