TEDA Street mobile fuel trucks and the resurgence of the elimination of ills how this difficult-海思k3v2

TEDA Street mobile tanker resurgence and eliminate chronic disease, this is difficult? At 5:45 p.m. on November 16th, the reporter drove along TEDA avenue to the entrance of Beijing Tianjin Tanggu expressway. 1 kilometers away from the entrance, the reporter found two vehicles hanging "oil" word tanker, running "double flash" parked at the roadside. At this point, a large truck slowly approached one of the tanker, a man down the tanker truck, after talking with the truck driver for two sentences, pulled out a black pipe from the tanker truck, inserted into the tank of the big truck. The reporter went on, they found 9 mobile fuel trucks, these cars are all open double flash parked on the roadside showmanship, and many large truck drivers in this way is also well aware of showmanship. Less than 500 meters away from the entrance of Beijing Tianjin Tanggu expressway, three large trucks are filling around a flowing refueling truck, which takes two half lanes at once, and two men still stand in front of the engine to smoke, which makes people sweat. Mr. Li, who lives nearby, told reporters that a few years ago, these refueling vehicles did not see less, but recently resurgence. When he passed by last week, he found that there were more than ten cars on the gas tanker.

泰达大街流动加油车又回潮 消除顽疾咋这难?   11月16日下午5点45分,记者驾车沿泰达大街向京津塘高速公路入口处行驶。距离入口处1千米左右,记者连续发现两辆挂有“油”字的厢式流动加油车开着“双闪”停在路边。这时一辆大货车缓缓驶近其中一辆加油车,流动加油车上下来一名男子,与大货车的司机交谈两句后,从加油车后车厢里拽出一根黑色管子,插进大货车的油箱。   记者继续前行,又发现了9辆流动加油车,这些车无一例外都开着“双闪”停在路边“揽客”,而不少大货车的司机对于这种“揽客”方式也是心知肚明。   距离京津塘高速公路入口处不到500米的位置,三辆大货车正围着一辆流动加油车加油,一下子占去两条半车道,两名男子还站车头位置抽烟,让人捏着一把汗。   住在附近的李先生告诉记者,前一段时间这些流动加油车确实见少,但最近又回潮了。上周他路过这里时,发现流动加油车竟然有十几辆。相关的主题文章: