They hurt! A 9 year old boy accidentally fell down by a stick and inserted into the lower body (vide-瀬名アスカ

They hurt! 9 year old boy accidentally fell by stick into the 9 year old Xiao Yong: live in Pengshui Luming village, every holiday sensible Xiao Yong will help parents do some farm work. But last weekend, Xiao Yong fell down on the hillside when he had sheep on the hillside, and unfortunately a stick was inserted into the lower body of Xiao Yong. In Pengshui County People’s Hospital, the reporter saw the injured Xiao Yong, Xiao Yong told us what happened in last weekend, because at least the autumn harvest season, Xiao Yong volunteered the mountain sheep. At that time he used his sheep while firewood knife to clean up the road, did not expect that at the foot accidentally fell, just fell over a thick thumb branches on the wood on the knife. There was a sharp pain in the lower body of Xiao Yong in a moment. So he hastened to call for help, and the cousin of the news came to break the branch, Xiao Yong himself slowly pulled out the branches in the lower body. Then he came to Xiao Yong’s parents to find that Xiao Yong was seriously injured and sent him to the people’s Hospital of Pengshui County for treatment. According to Wu Xue, a four physician from the people’s Hospital of Pengshui County, when Xiao Yong was admitted to hospital, the right scrotum skin had four centimeters long soft tissue laceration, the penis foreskin had about one point five centimeters long laceration, and the warped membrane tissue on the testicular side had been released. The doctor immediately carried out emergency operation on Xiao Yong, cleaned up the debris of his lower body, and stitched the wound. At present, Xiao Yong’s wound has stabilized. The doctor said Xiao Yong is unfortunate lucky, no injury to the testis, testicular if there are problems to be removed if, there is definitely influence on his future fertility. (Xu Lei Li Qincai) for further reading, not related with the 2 year old boy toy car is stuck down crying with a screwdriver to rescue fire officers and soldiers

疼!9岁男童不慎跌倒 被木棍插入下体 今年9岁的小勇家住彭水县鹿鸣乡,每到放假懂事的小勇就会帮助爸爸妈妈干些力所能及的农活。不过上周末,小勇在山坡上放羊的时候摔倒了,不巧一根木棍插入了小勇的下体。在彭水县人民医院,记者见到了受伤的小勇,小勇告诉我们事情发生在上周末,因为正值秋收农忙时节,小勇便自告奋勇的上山放羊。当时他一边赶羊一边用手里的柴刀清理道路,没想到脚下一不留神摔了一跤,刚好摔在柴刀砍过拇指粗的一根树枝上。一瞬间小勇的下体传来一阵剧痛。于是他赶紧呼救,闻讯赶来的表哥把树枝折断,小勇自己把插在下体里面的树枝慢慢拔了出来。随后赶来小勇父母发现小勇伤情严重,迅速把他送往了彭水县人民医院进行救治。据彭水县人民医院外四科医师武雪介绍,小勇入院的时候右边阴囊皮肤有四公分长的软组织裂伤,阴茎包皮大概有一点五公分长的裂伤,睾丸边上的翘膜组织已经脱出来了。医生立即对小勇实施了急诊手术,对他下体的木屑残渣进行了清理,对伤口进行了缝合,目前小勇伤情已经趋于稳定。医生说小勇算是不幸中的万幸,没有伤到睾丸,如果睾丸有问题要切除的话,对他以后的生育能力肯定是有影响的。(徐磊 李沁财)视频仅供延伸阅读,与本文无关 2岁男童被玩具车卡住下体嚎啕大哭 消防官兵用螺丝刀解围相关的主题文章: