Inchon airport bombing suspect was unable to employment on society caused the dissatisfaction of the-hit5杨帆

Inchon airport bombing suspect unable to obtain employment due to dissatisfaction with the society – New China net 4 February, according to Korean media reports, in Inchon International Airport toilet placed suspected explosives suspects were arrested 5 days after the incident by the police. Inchon airport police local time 3 evening 11:30 Xu, in Seoul nine old liberated area arrested the case of the number one suspect, 36 year old man liu. It is reported that the decisive evidence of the case comes from surveillance video. The police of Inchon airport 1 immigration set all 84 CCTV analysis found that found in an hour before the suspected explosives, Liu took the shopping bag on January 29th afternoon local time at 3:30 pm to enter the bathroom, after a lapse of two minutes immediately after the return to Seoul. Liu said in a police investigation, his specialty is music, graduated from graduate school, but after marriage and children still can not find a job, there is no money, so the crime. Liu said, his usual dissatisfaction with the community, so at home with butane tank made suspected explosives, placed in the toilet of Inchon airport.

仁川机场爆炸案嫌犯因不能就业而对社会产生不满-中新网   中新网2月4日电 据韩媒报道,在仁川国际机场卫生间里放置疑似爆炸物的嫌疑人在事发5天后被警方逮捕。仁川机场警察队当地时间3日晚11时30分许,在首尔市九老区抓获该案件的头号嫌疑人、36岁男性刘某。   据悉,本案的决定性证据来自监控录像。警方对仁川机场1层入境处设置的全部84个CCTV进行分析后发现,在发现疑似爆炸物的一个小时前,刘某带着购物袋于当地时间1月29日下午3时30分许进入卫生间,时隔两分钟出来后立即返回了首尔。   刘某在接受警方调查时表示,他的专业是音乐,毕业于研究生院,但在结婚生子后依然无法找到工作,也没有钱,因此犯罪。   刘某称,自己平时对社会有不满,因此在家里用丁烷气罐制造疑似爆炸物后,放置在了仁川机场的卫生间里。相关的主题文章: