Feng Mingchao kill Matt styling spicy eyes still can not stop handsome helmet怎么读

Feng Mingchao "kill Matt" other spicy eyes still can not stop the handsome stars of the entertainment Tencent "kill Matt style" as their indelible black history, and even can be used to form such as "too horrible to look at.". Back wash cut blow is the trend of a few years ago, people who did not kill Matt, but Li Yifeng Han Geng Feng Yan is capricious, Mingchao few men of God with a good floor, easily manage to kill Matt style, high Yan value can not resist. Known as the "National School grass" said Li Yifeng, "because of Xian Xia fantasy drama Qi Tan" in a corner of Barry Su Tu fame. However, the initial debut of the other also did not escape the blow of baptism, but did not like other people "hot eyes", but feel very cool. Another high color value male god Han Geng, as the first Chinese debut in South Korea, his popular not only to bring a large number of people dream to pursue the wash cut blow golden hair and kill Matt in the other period of time has become a trend symbol. And just recently established its own tide brand Feng Mingchao, the front left in the trend since its debut, it can also be called the Matt kill other times are the most, like a "big boy lead a fast love of freedom". The trend of a cycle of ten years, and now compared to high-end atmosphere on the level of the other, "hot eye" kill Matt had set off a great disturbance in the entertainment circle, for after 85 and 90 people kill Matt and non mainstream seems to run through their youth, the exaggeration of the dress, "eye-catching" style show he was young.相关的主题文章: