5 years, the province’s urban employment of more than 3 million 279 thousand college graduates emplo 高达08ms小队

5 years the province’s new urban employment of college graduates employment rate of more than 93% 3 million 279 thousand people in Anhui province since the Ninth Party Congress, our province in the face of domestic and foreign environment is complex and changeable, the downward pressure on economic and other challenges, the employment situation is stable, the province’s 3 million 279 thousand new urban jobs, the registered unemployment rate of 3.14%, college graduates overall employment rate remained above 93%. 5 years of the province’s new urban employment over the past 5 years, the cumulative reduction of social insurance premiums paid by $13 billion, the issuance of subsidies of $4 billion 470 million 3 million 279 thousand. The province’s new urban employment 3 million 279 thousand people, the unemployed re employment of 1 million 268 thousand people, the employment difficulties of re employment of people by the end of 2015, the province’s urban registered unemployment rate of 3.14% in. The overall employment rate of college graduates in the past 5 years to maintain more than 12 thousand of the cumulative development of the basic level of specific jobs, college graduates overall employment rate remained at more than 93% in. Establish and improve employment assistance system, the formation of a long-term mechanism to help disadvantaged groups and zero employment families. 3 years to more than 350 thousand new registered enterprises in 2015, on behalf of the provincial government issued the "Jianghuai entrepreneurial action plan (2015-2017) implementation plan", the implementation of creating dream, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial pilot nesting, smooth financing, youth entrepreneurship and high-end entrepreneurial talent, peasant workers entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial college-graduate village official "eight projects" create a business service, cloud, entrepreneurship and innovation contest "two service platform", to promote public entrepreneurship, innovation, 2015-2017 plans to achieve the province’s new registered enterprises more than 350 thousand, driven by the employment of 1 million people to the target. The implementation of the "whole loan straight" small loans mode, over the past 5 years, the province’s new small loans 22 billion 780 million yuan. 22 million 130 thousand migrant workers have a database organized "employment assistance" and "spring action" and other seven special employment service activities, carried out the first action for the employment of retired soldiers recruitment Week activities and employment Tibet in the country. The first in the country to develop the use of employment management system, the establishment of a database covering 22 million 130 thousand rural labor resources. Original title: 5 years of the province’s new urban employment of 3 million 279 thousand people相关的主题文章: