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Foreign students bullying: public ridicule of others is bullying the Xinhua news agency in Beijing on 19 September, the reporter: all the students how to deal with bullying April 20, 1999, the United States of Colorado, Denver, two long-term bullying high school student gunman rushed into the Glen Byrne school, killing 12 students and a teacher and wounded more than 20 people, then Dutch act. A survey by the U.S. secret service and the Ministry of education in 2002, after 25 years in the United States in 37 school shootings, 2/3 of the victims perpetrators is bullying the actual attack. Students in many countries have the whole world in view, the campus bullying caused by the tragic events emerge in an endless stream, often found in newspapers. So, what is primary and secondary school bullying? What precautions have been taken? What is the effect? The definition of primary and middle school students bullying the famous American Chinese lawyer Deng Hong said, in the qualitative bullying problem, the United States federal government and state government passed a series of legislation, in addition to qualitative beatings, spit slobber, deliberately pushing, nude as bullying, will also degrade into the spirit of bullying. Verbal abuse of others in the public due to the other side of the disabled, race, color, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and other people laugh, and even verbal threats are bullying behavior." British schools are also very specific about bullying. As in London, Harvard Storck school, bullying is subdivided, body, speech, posture, emotion, race, religion, network and other eight categories, each category has a detailed classification, a total of 35 more than. "Contempt for others", "laugh at others", "spread rumors" and so on are listed as bullying behavior, and like "you have no friends, no one likes you," this is also a bullying behavior. Primary and secondary schools in Norway have defined a number of possible covert bullying behaviors. For example, a birthday party for children must be invited to participate in the whole class of children. If you choose to host the theme of the birthday party, you should look at the specific circumstances, the specific operation. For example, hold the birthday girl, you can not invite boys, but not girls miss any class, otherwise it will be regarded as bullying, the girl’s parents were not invited to the school to the education department or complaints. Bullying in primary and secondary school students not only exists in real life, but also exists in the virtual space, such as social networks. Survey shows that about half of the 10 to 15 year old young people in Norway had been bullied by the internet. In the United States, a female student was killed on the Internet by a man who laughed at insults. After the incident, the relevant departments will be issued, on Facebook and Twitter and other social media abuse, attack or disclosure of the qualitative behavior of the privacy of cyber bullying students. School parents actively involved in bullying behavior in view of the universality, long-term and complexity, many countries to adopt a zero tolerance policy, and requires schools and parents to actively intervene. In Norway, the capital of Oslo, a primary school in the west, a freshman to learn to sing "stop"! Don’t bully this song. Through singing and playing games, children learn to understand each other and create a friendly and harmonious atmosphere. The teacher will take the kids to play "say others" of the game, let the children learn to appreciate others, see the strengths of others, be deeply attached to each other’s friends. This kind of Education相关的主题文章: