Deep flow does not change the world, but not let the world change us 步步高i606

"Deep endless stream": don’t change the world but don’t let the world change our Sohu by Emperor Entertainment product pictures produced the youth movie "deep endless stream" scheduled September 23rd real release. Recently, the film exposure pilot posters and pilot trailer, showing the current situation of the survival of the author of the country, to live on the road to live, die in the dream of the bosom of the dream of the spirit. It is reported that Jia Zhangke starred in "heaven" works of well-known actor Luo Lanshan plays dead young cartoonists deep flow role in the film, portrait interpretation of ordinary people extraordinary life. Different from the vulgar youth movie, "deep flow off" focus country man author’s life environment, tells the story of an inspirational story about dreams and struggles, many industry experts and Manmi also optimistic about the film. "Deep flow off" for pilot posters to change the world, but don’t let the world change our "deep endless stream" tells the story of a young cartoonist in the bottom of society deep (Luo Lanshan ornaments) and longtime friend A Wen (Wang Haochen ornaments) know the company for many years, struggling to live in a big city, and adhere to the dream story. Director He Ruibo said, "deep flow off" is a youth inspirational film, the cartoonist tries to restore the deep flow of real life, starting from the characters of small dreams, let more people pay attention to this social group, to convey the "live to live in the distance on the road, die die in the arms of a dream" belief in life. The release of the pilot posters, back toward the strength extremely lonely walk the distance behind the shadows grew into a broken line, making sense of the vicissitudes of life after suffering also aptly metaphors arise spontaneously, the current status of the country diffuse survival. Deep flow, a China comics dare to fate, persistent dream of weak boy, his soul touched countless Manmi heart, he is the boy love everyone. The deep flow of the diffuse people’s experience of the body, that never compromise always adhere to the true self feelings, with an optimistic and positive attitude infected with each person lost in the way of life. Perhaps a person is difficult to change the world, but the deep flow story tells us, don’t change the world into fits of yibingding. The film "deep endless stream" full of heroic, only for the persistent dream and youth name! Concern the country diffuse survival status of "deep endless stream" dream sound common survival status has been China comic writer groups concern, most writers income is not ideal. At the beginning of 2015 young cartoonists deep flow in the rental quietly died, the comic circle in an uproar, Manmi shocked. Deep flow alone, with love of comics, in dreams, side and fight the disease, sticking to the creation of comic books. Review of life and his deep flow away, this is the epitome of the survival of the status quo Chinese cartoonist. Pursue their dreams in the extremely difficult environment is persistent, this unique temperament is a cartoonist who distributed the group. The status quo is limited to the domestic cartoon industry, most of the living conditions of comic authors can only rely on the money to live, and some even are unable to feed their money. In the face of such embarrassing situation, should be attributed to.相关的主题文章: